Bebe Rexha

The American singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha was on August 30, 1989 in Brooklyn (New York, USA) born Bleta Rexha. it was first known as a songwriter for stars like Selena Gomez, David Guetta, Eminem and Rihanna. 2014 she released her first single "I Can not Stop Drinking About You".

Music playing in the life of Bebe Rexha has always been a big part. As a child of Albanian immigrants from Macedonia she was born in New York and spent her childhood and youth. At the age of four she was already the first time in a musical on stage. As a result, she learned piano, guitar and trumpet and began writing songs. Her great talent was soon discovered and honored. As a teenager, she won the Best Teen Songwriter Award.

Even as a singer Bebe Rexha gained initial experience, among others in the band Black Cards. In 2012 she started her solo career and recorded primarily as a songwriter once great success. They not only wrote lyrics for Selena Gomez, but was also responsible for the lyrics of "The Monster", a song that was performs Eminem and Rihanna and became a number one hit. Originally she had written the song for himself and called "Monster Under My Bed".

After several publications on the Internet, she signed her first recording contract in 2013 with Warner. Their debut single, "I Can not Stop Drinking About You" was released in 2014, followed a little later the single "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy" and the first EP "I Do not Wanna Grow Up", which, however, found little favor and not landed in the charts. Much better was there as a guest singer for Cash Cash (Take Me Home), G-Eazy (Me, Myself I) and David Guetta (Hey Mama).

2016 published Bebe Rexha in collaboration with Nicki Minaj song "No Broken Hearts".

albums Hits

2016: No Broken Hearts (feat. Nicki Minaj)

2014: I Can not Stop Drinking About You , I'm Gonna Show You Crazy , Gone

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