Herman Van Veen

Herman Van Veen

Herman van Veen is an exceptional artist or a discontinued model that everyone can see how he wants. The one excludes the other not out in cold become emotional times like ours. The latter may be that which is self-proclaimed "Dutch clown bald" for more than four decades in the business, far more than one hundred albums has received while never for a moment thought of saying goodbye to his artistic ambition and fashionable trends subordinate. the first reason is that the now 70-year-old in his work continuously and rigorously human cardinal virtues such as warmth, tolerance, respect or simply emotional love without ifs and buts ordered.

On his latest album "Falling or jumping" he indulges in these guides his very own philosophy even more intense. Although the now 179. (!) Album of this exceptional artist from Utrecht, it is fOr Herman van Veen an immensely important as it is a kind of creative new beginning . signaled "Kersvers" is called the Dutch sister production, appeared in Hermans home in the autumn of last year, the Dutch press has consistently, yes recorded the work with enthusiasm euphoria. "phenomenal texts", attested the renowned Internet portal "McSharq". "One of the most relevant pop albums of the year", confirms the "NRC Handelsblad" sober.

Regardless of all this acclaim, the artist explains that for him so special plate song by song in their own words:


T:. H. v Veen, d.T: Thomas Woitkewitsch, M: M. Dorrestein

Who are you

who you'd like to

what you have

Where are you taking

everyting everything

is listed


A song about the gradually vanishing privacy. Privacy means that anyone can do things without the outside world breaks into them or knows them. to protect the privacy, today is becoming increasingly difficult.


T M: H. v Veen.

It is not pretty

it's not nice

it's not easy

True depression is not sadness when a failed anything in life, but a sadness when in somebody's life everything is in order. That's what this song.


T M:. H. v Veen, d.T: Thomas Woitkewitsch

The fly

on the horse dung

she does what from

Each ausgesproch'ne


she does what from

This song confirms that all accounts for something - even the holes in the cheese.


T:. H. v Veen, M: H. v Veen. M. Dorrestein

Someone will understand

that whoever dies

is the one that remains

When I realized that Erik van der Wurff, with whom I played almost fifty years together, was terminally ill, shortly after I had taken from Harald Siepermann, a good friend, the signatories of Alfred Jodokus Kwak, goodbye, I realized stronger than ever, that the world does not stand still in such grief. But they mercilessly and happily carries on. That is the reason why I wrote this song.


T:. H. v Veen, M: M. Dorrestein

If you say so

it will be true

because never something else

came from your lips

even if I do not understand it

it goes over my mind

Joseph was stunned surprised when he heard that Maria is pregnant. This is a love song that I have written for him.


T:. H. v Veen, M: H. v Veen, E. Leerkes.

granny says

there is a word

that will last forever

and whoever hears it

never alone

My grandmother was a strictly religious woman. I was there when my father that her husband told her - my grandfather - had died. While my father stood and talked, sparked Oma their nodes. Immediately afterwards a meter fell silver white hair on her shoulders. I realized at that moment: My grandma was a girl.


T M:. H. v Veen, d.T: Thomas Woitkewitsch

Sometimes I wake soaked in sweat on

if in my sleep

one vote

me for the

verschwund'nen life


With the older you realize that you again can not get bigger. That which once was, is definitely over. That one then returns only the memories. Actually awesome.


T M: H. v Veen.

How far are you

on this trip

is not visible to the Cloud

Likely this a once in front of the door, I will ensure that I am not at home.


T:. H. v Veen, D. T. : Thomas Woitkewitsch, M: E. Leerkes,

Will you call me

If the walls


A song about unconditional friendship.


T: T. Olthuis, M: H. v Veen, d.T. H. v Veen.

For the

the abused


or chance

in the asphalt

were driven

A text by Theo Olthuis About children as victims.


T M: H. v Veen.

FOr your Po

and your cheeks


Mummy Hands

An ode to all mothers.


T:. H. v Veen, M: M. Dorrestein, d.T: Thomas Woitkewitsch


the color

is nothing

Even in the Netherlands there is the children's game "I spy with my little eye". That game is the basic idea of ​​this song.


T M: H. v Veen.

Where God dwells


my daughter



must love

My daughter is married to a woman. There are countries where dieserart love causes a death sentence.


T:. H. v Veen, M: H. v Veen. M. Dorrestein

The bed

is a room

the room

a house

the house is

A street

a city

is a country

one World

"Falling or jumping" I wrote Occasion of the Fiftieth Birthday of Maybrit Illner. On the occasion of their celebration, I got out of a life-size cake surprise to this piece for you to sing in a Berlin disco. The song is about our lives Route: How did we get in bed with the world and will end up back in bed.

When asked about the intention behind his music Herman van Veen said recently in an interview: "I will send the people with each of my songs a letter - which the recipients make a start, it I have no influence. I also expect no reply, so an approach would be absolutely measured. Nevertheless, I hope to bring a little light into the dark in some rooms of existence. For example, I see a great opportunity in the economic crisis in which we are currently: the crisis exists, so we think principally About existence to banish the negative in our thinking and to transform society into something positive. this is of course the perspective of naive clown. But I'm sure, as a naive perspective does us all really well. "

"Falling or jumping" Tour 2016:

26.02.16 Aachen Euro Gress

27/02/16 Osnabrück OsnabrückHalle

04:03:16 Rostock Stadthalle

05:03:16 Magdeburg Stadthalle

06:03:16 Kassel Stadthalle

07:03:16 Gelsenkirchen Musiktheater im Revier

09:03:16 Bernau (bei Berlin) Audimax

10:03:16 Cottbus Stadthalle

12:03:16 Halle / S. Georg Friedrich Handel Halle

31/03/16 Stade Stadeum

01:04:16 Aurich Stadthalle

02:04:16 Oldenburg Weser-Ems-Halle

07:04:16 KÖln Philharmonie

08:04:16 Frankfurt Alte Oper

09:04:16 Bonn Beethovenhalle

22:04:16 Lübeck MuK

23:04:16 Flensburg Deutsches Haus

29/04/16 Saarbrücken Congress Hall

30/04/16 Münster MCC Halle Münsterland

22:09:16 Siegen Siegerlandhalle

23:09:16 Dortmund Konzerthaus

24/09/16 Dortmund Konzerthaus

29/09/16 Essen Philharmonie

30/09/16 Essen Philharmonie

01:10:16 Bielefeld Stadthalle

02:10:16 Erfurt Alte Oper

03:10:16 Leipzig Gewandhaus

06:10:16 DÜsseldorf Tonhalle

07:10:16 DÜsseldorf Tonhalle

08:10:16 DÜsseldorf Tonhalle

14:10:16 A-Amstetten Johann-Pölz Hall

16:10:16 A-Salzburg Congress

22:10:16 MÜnchen Philharmonie

23:10:16 Nürnberg Meistersingerhalle

27/10/16 Hamburg Laeiszhalle

28/10/16 Hamburg Laeiszhalle

29/10/16 Hamburg Laeiszhalle

10:11:16 Hannover Theater am Aegi

11:11:16 Hannover Theater am Aegi

12:11:16 Hannover Theater am Aegi

16:11:16 Braunschweig Stadthalle

17:11:16 Bremen Die Glocke

18:11:16 Bremen Die Glocke

19:11:16 Bremen Die Glocke

29/11/16 Berlin Admiralspalast

30/11/16 Berlin Admiralspalast

01:12:16 Berlin Admiralspalast





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