Niedecken Bap

Niedecken Bap


During the European Football Championship '76 to various amateur musicians arrange from the KÖln-Bonn area to a regular meeting in the weighing house of Herseler sand-lime plant to jam together. From there regular sessions in ever-changing line. Wolfgang Niedecken writes his first song Kölsch "Helping make you none."


First appearance in Dreier Cast (Hans Heres - guitar, African Bauermann - percussion, Wolfgang Niedecken - vocals, guitar) in Nippeser Marie Hall in a protest against the construction of the planned city motorway. On the occasion of this performance, the band gives the name BAP, emerged from a P shortened nickname Niedecken ( "dÄ Bapp").


BAP is fOr events of various citizens' initiatives and fOr appearances involved in youth centers. Above all, W.N.s solo gigs accumulate in the trendy bars of the south of Cologne.

1979 W.N's BAP rockt andre Kölsche Leeder

W.N. accepts the offer to record an album with the indie label "Eigelstein". "Wolfgang Niedecken's BAP rockt other Kölsche Leeder" is in 6 days in Cologne "Studio am Dom" recorded and mixed. Producer is Wolfgang Hamm.

1980 Chauvi Skirt Affjetaut

First regional radio hit with "madness". The surprising success of the debut album and its increasing number of appearances half the band reluctantly get off, after BAP was never planned as a professional band. Klaus "Major" Heuser is the new guitarist.

With him the band takes in Conny Plank's studio single "chauvinist Rock" on. Among the recordings of their second album "Affjetaut" it goes into "Sunrise Studios" to Kirchberg in Switzerland.

1981 BAP fOr usszeschnigge

Since the distribution of the small record company "Eigelstein" the growing demand no longer has grown, the band is forced to switch to a bigger company. On behalf of the EMI, the first coherent Germany Tour is organized by Peter Rieger concert agency. The meanwhile third album "fOr usszeschnigge" contains the first Interregional hit "evaporation her long". The first TV appearance: WDR "Bananas" with "ne nice Jrooß" nor the "Affjetaut" album.

1982 Vun drinne noh Drusse

The fourth album ( "Vun drinne noh Drusse") experienced his Launched by Euro Vision. The Rockpalast live broadcast of the Loreley causes the final breakthrough. BAP plays twice a KÖln-Mungerdorferstadion before the Rolling Stones and the Rhine meadows in the city of Bonn with Joseph Beuys to retrofitting. "Vun drinne noh Drusse" displaced "fOr usszeschnigge" from first place on the charts.

1983Live - bess Demnähx

The first appearances in neighboring countries: Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria. The live album "Bess Demnähx" reached platinum status. The BAP-book "BAP BAP Övver" appears in René Böll Lamuv Publisher. The German Phono Academy is distinguished BAP as "Discovery of the Year".

1984 Zwesche SalzjebÄck un Beer

In January bursts on the eve of the first concert in Berlin's Palace of the Republic, a 14 stations planned and already sold-out East tour. The GDR cultural authorities had BAP forbidden to perform specially written for this tour song "Deshalv spilll 'mer hey". In summer BAP takes the fifth studio album "Zwesche SalzjebÄck un beer", as the two previous albums, up in Hennef studio Rüssmann. W.N. writes the text for the German Live Aid single band for Africa: "Naked in the Wind". The music composed Herbert Grönemeyer. Herbert Hoven and Victor Boll film for WDR television documentary "Cologne memories of forty years" with Heinrich Boll and Wolfgang Niedecken.


While W.N. is on a three month tour of Turkey, dies Heinrich Boll. BAP applies in winter the Musicland studio to "slippery Ahl Men" record the album. As a producer acts Reinhold Mack.

1986 Ahl men aalglatt

"Ahl men aalglatt" appears and BAP goes to the next big tour. Mittendrin organized BAP together with Herbert Grönemeyer, Udo Lindenberg, the Toten Hosen, u.v.m. a two-day festival to the reprocessing plant in Wackersdorf. It is the Chernobyl year.

1987 musical beats

Wolf Maahn produced W.N.s first solo album: "whipping times". With the complizen he plays various summer festivals before David Bowie. Then it's hosted by Ernesto Cardenal and Dietmar Schoenherr on Nicaragua tour. Shortly thereafter, with BAP on China Tour: Eight concerts in the largest halls of Beijing, Shanghai and Canton.

1988 da Capo

W.N. plays with the complizen in civil war-torn Mozambique. Recording of BAP "Da Capo" album in Brussels ICP studio.


Even before the fall of the Wall BAP plays in May six concerts in the USSR: three in Moscow and two in Volgograd, the former Stalingrad. Summer festivals in Switzerland and in Germany with Joe Cocker and BAP as co-headliner.

1990 X fÜr'e U

Among the recordings of "X fOr e 'U" album back to Brussels from ICP Studio.


From January "X fOr e 'U' tour. The first concerts will take place in cities of the former GDR. Summer Festival with Bob Geldof, Dave Stewart, Fury in the Slaughterhouse and Pur. In BAP Julian Dawson is a guest. After the tour, the second live album "affrocke".


On November 9, BAP playing on the ass huh concert against xenophobia and racism. It takes place at the Cologne Chlodwigplatz. W.N. writes the text of "Arsch huh, Zäng ussenander" Anthem to music of Kölsch Greeks Nick Nikitakis. Then in Frankfurt "Today, tomorrow you" and in Leipzig "violence Etched" from the same occasion.

1993 Pik Sibbe

Images for "Pik Sibbe" album in Peter Maffay Red Rooster studio on Lake Starnberg.

1994 Leopardefell

"Pik Sibbe" tour and shortly after the shooting to W.N.s second solo album with the Leopardefellband.

1995 Madness: The Hits of '79 -'95

Johannes Rau, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister, gives W.N. the Merit of the State NRW. Video shoot for "Hungry Heart" with the Leopardefellband and Bruce Springsteen at a joint concert in Berlin.
The first BAP Greatest Hits album appears. Thereafter, the next major reshuffle. From December BAP operates in Conny Plank's legendary Studio in Bergisch Wolperath on "America" ​​album.

1996/97 America

Frankfurt Mayor Petra Roth gives W.N. the Music Prize of the City of Frankfurt. "America" ​​appears. BAP plays first by a special train from a nationwide promotional tour in German main stations. Thereafter, until February 97, the regular tour in ordinary halls.

1998 comics Pin ups

In May, the samples and pre-production to find album "Comics Pin Ups' held on the Mediterranean island of Elba. In the summer, announced the actual recordings in Waimes / Belgium. Klaus Heuser that he will leave the band after the accompanying tour. German President Roman Herzog gives WN the Federal Cross of Merit for his services in the fight against xenophobia and racism.

1999 sound film

In Pompignon / South France start in May with the new line the recordings for "talkies" album. Thereafter, however, in the recent occupation of various summer festivals and in

Fall / winter then the "talkies" tour in the new line-up.


Wim Wenders will begin in January in the Essen Lichtburg with the recordings of BAP movie "A lot happened."

2001 aff un zo

From January to Villa Ca'n Franch Mallorca recordings for "Aff un zo" album. The live presentation takes place as Rockpalast concert at the "Dead Bridge" in Euskirchen. Detailes tour.

2002 Övverall

In March comes Wim Wenders BAP movie "A lot happened" in the cinemas. Until September, the band is the third live album "Övverall" on festival tour.


In september BAP refers to the recordings of the new album "Sonx" The Cologne Studio 301. As a producer this time acts of BAP bassist Werner Kopal.

2004 Sonx / NiedeckenKÖln

The Sonx album released at the beginning of the year. After taking W.N. with the WDR Big Band under the direction of Mike Herting album "NiedeckenKÖln" on. It only contains songs about his hometown. From the end of March it comes with BAP to Sonx tour. In August Wolfgang Niedecken travels as an ambassador of the "Together for Africa" ​​to Uganda. In December he flew as a guest of the German President Horst Köhler at the country-state visits to Sierra Leone and Benin.

2005 Thrice ten years

Concert tour with Wolfgang Niedecken and the WDR Big Band. Diverse Summer Open Air with BAP and especially studio working on an anniversary double album in the venerable Cologne Maarweg Studio II: Thirty songs from thirty years, including 10 duets. One of them with Ray Davies of the Kinks. Producer is the first time Wolfgang Stach. In November, the "Thrice ten years," album and the same video anthology appears.


On January 14 and 15 the Greatest Hits anniversary tour begins with two concerts in the Cologne Arena.


With two more concerts in the shadow of Cologne Cathedral ends Greatest Hits-anniversary tour. At the invitation of the Federal President takes W.N. In the spring part in the conference "Partnership with Africa" ​​in Accra / Ghana. In May and in August he travels Tross Horst Köhler again to Uganda and Rwanda. In collaboration with World Vision and the outdoor supplier Jack Wolfskin "rebound", a project for the reintegration of former child soldiers in Northern Uganda arises. The Music Council NRW gives W.N. the Silver tuning fork.

2008 Radio Pandora

In February travels W.N. one more time to northern Uganda and Rwanda. The again produced by Wolfgang Stach BAP album "Radio Pandora" will appear in May and is the tenth no. 1 album of the band. In November another "Partnership with Africa" ​​conference, this time in Nigeria. The Rhein-Kreis Neuss gives W.N. the Friedestrom rate for "special services to the German-language dialect literature".

2009 Live and in color

In February travels W.N. again to northern Uganda and in April in the eastern Congo. Even during the "Radio Pandora" tour the triple live album "Live and in Color" appears. The tour ends in September on the Schupfart Festival in Switzerland. Niedecken starts together with the Stuttgarter literary scholar Oliver Kobold work on his autobiography.


In March traveling W.N. at the invitation of the Society for Political Education to Nigeria. In May "BAP Extra Tour" through Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In September, Uganda, Rwanda and eastern Congo travel in terms of rebound. From mid-October to late November recording session for "Halv su wild" album in Cologne Maarweg Studio II. Producer is again Wolfgang Stach.

2011 Halv su wild

"Halv su wild" appears along with W.N.s autobiography "Good for 'ne Moment" on his 60th birthday on 30 March. In May starts the corresponding Open Air tour. Before the hall tour can begin to suffer W.N. November 2, a stroke, forcing him the tour to move half a year. The live album from the Open Air "full program" appears to originally scheduled tour start.


W.N. receives in March the German music award "Echo" for his lifetime achievement. The laudation Campino of the Toten Hosen. the shifted tour will be rescheduled from May. It ends almost to the day exactly 30 years after the legendary Rockpalast on 1 September at the Loreley. In December W.N. takes with American musicians in Woodstock and New York his fourth solo album "Zosamme old" on. The producers Job Takes the British singer-songwriter Julian Dawson. With Oliver Kobold works W.N. on the sequel to his autobiography "addition".

2013 Zosamme old

In February Niedecken gets awarded the Cross 1st Class by German President Joachim Gauck.
May / June Extratour Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. In September "Zosamme old" appear and "addition". In December W.N. awarded the Special Prize of 1Live crown.

2014 The Tale of the solid plug

In February travels W.N. To bring in the eastern Congo another rebound Center on the way. Only interrupted by the World Cup, the band plays from mid-March to early September, the acoustic "BAP pulls the plug-Tour". Also, the live album of the tour, "The Tale of the solid plug 'rises to number one in the German charts.


In Berlin is W.N. by GEMA "Rock / Pop Text" won the German Grammy in the category. In May, the band takes on another studio album in Hamburg Gaga studio. This time, produce and arrange the two BAP-musician Anne de Wolff and Ulrich Rode. Remixed is album of Stewart Lerman in New York, who has already "Zosamme old" recorded and mixed W.N.s 4.Soloalbum. In October W.N. awarded the Rheinische Culture Award.


In January, the 18.Studioalbum published under the title "life sentence". As of May, the band will mark its 40th anniversary on anniversary tour.

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