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Barcode Based Slot Drop Tracking System

One of the best ways that you can track the slot drop is by using the barcode tracking system. The bar code tracking system for your casino box is designed for the drop and the count. It is also responsible for the auditing of the money received in the casino. Some companies, such as Droptrax, have come up with the most recent program that is going to work with the barcode system. The program works together with the barcode scanner to provide hardy information about any variance and errors in the drops and the counts in the casino box.

Installation of the barcode tracking system for the casino box requires a few hardware. First, you will need a computer that is going to run the tracking software and also display the results of the tracker. For the floor operation, you will require a 2D scanners. You will need a printer for producing the hard copies of the scanning. Finally, you will need a Bluetooth room scanner. All of this hardware is easy to find in the market. Also, the person who is installing the tracking system will help you get the hardware that isis required.

The tracking system tracks the operator using a particular order. First, an operator is supposed to key or enter their identity to the casino machine. The machine number, container going into the machine, and the one which is going out are scanned. The process of scanning is quick and can take between two and three seconds. It is vital to note that the tracking system cannot scan the container number as the machine or vice versa. After the drop of the container, the scanner is synchronized through ethernet to the controlling computer. The information about the drop is then analyzed by the program that is on the computer. It is vital to note that you can also use a USB to transfer data from the scanner to the computer in case the scanner cannot synchronize through the scanner.

Scanning is also conducted in the consuming room. The bar code of the container is scanned in the count room. The tracking system is designed in such a way that it can match the barcode of the container and that of the machine in which that container came out. After that, the system proceeds to print the currency counter control document. It is vital to note that the count in the control room is completed when the bar code of all the containers is complete. The system is designed to have an external backup of all the scans.

The tracking system contains a manager website. The function of the site is to provide reports to the audit and the counting crews. Also, on the web, research can be done regarding any query of the tracking system. Also, on the website, you can execute various commands regarding the casino box barcode tracking system. For instance, you can remove a machine from the system. You can also add, remove, or change the location of a machine.

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